I will teach you how to go from your blog
being a ghost town to having a loyal and
engaging community...

Learn from the "Engagement Superstar" whose blog went from NO visitors to HUNDREDS
of comments on each post.  She will teach you EVERY SINGLE step she took to build her own
loyal blog community and how you can do the same.

Let me introduce myself...

I’m Adrienne Smith

I'm a real blogger, just like you. I started my WordPress blog on June 19, 2009.  My content was boring, my traffic was practically non-existent and I had absolutely NO comments on my posts.

I had NO idea how I was going to stand out from the millions of bloggers that were in my niche.  I was no one special, I didn't believe I had that much to share and I was even embarrassed to comment on other people's content.

All of that changed at the end of 2010 because I was tired of not getting results.

I had to step outside my comfort zone and be willing to do some things I hadn't been willing to do in the past.

If you feel that my course can help you improve your blogging and traffic, then I invite you to take ACTION and get started NOW! But if you want to know more before you make your decision, keep reading. 



Have You Made That Vital Decision Yet?

As bloggers, I believe we all have to make that decision.

Do you want to succeed or do you want to be like everyone else!

Being like everyone else won't take you very far; you'll just be among those millions of other bloggers who continue to ask themselves questions like…

  • Why isn't anyone visiting my blog?
  • Why isn't anyone reading my content?
  • Why isn't anyone commenting on my posts?
  • Why isn't anyone sharing my content even though it’s pretty darn good stuff?
  • Why can’t I make any money?

These and more are questions that I've turned into answers as I've learned some vital blogging tips that have worked for me and given me results.

Build Blog Community CourseAnd guess what? Those incredible steps that you’re going to learn, don't work only for me, they work for anyone who is willing to apply them. And they will for YOU!

Deborah TutnauerI’ve been “blogging” for a long time, but not thinking like a blogger. Thus before I met Adrienne I was not in the mindset of building a community utilizing my blog. My blog was an informational place in which to send people who met me through social media or live events, or even SEO – in order to share my work and my philosophy.

There was a ton of great content there, and decent traffic but little engagement and certainly nothing remotely like a community. After Adrienne and I spoke initially my entire perspective on what blogging could be and how I could use it to not only reach more people with my message, but to create a thriving engaged community of truth seekers and entrepreneurs, shifted. It’s been a wonderful chapter in my journey!

We met in the late summer this year and right away I took her advice about blog commenting and community building. It is now November and as I look at the people online who I interact with at least once per week, a large majority I have met in the past 4 months through blogging and following her suggestions. The new relationships have (of course) opened doors to other relationships and the shift has impacted my business coaching work in such a positive manner!

I’m so glad you “harp” often Adrienne about the power of relationship and community. You are a blessing to all who have the good fortune to find your blog and follow you!

Deborah Tutnauer
Transformational Success Coach

I am going to teach you what you NEED to know and do in order to succeed as a blogger, no matter what you’re selling and promoting with your blog, and no matter what niche you're in.

I’m going to teach you what I've learned and applied myself in order to get where I am now. 

Here are some of the important things that I’m going to teach you…

  • How you can go from having no traffic to your blog to having thousands of visitors daily who will stick around and read your content
  • How you can go from having no comments on your posts to having hundreds consistently on every single post
  • How you can go from being someone that no one has heard of to someone everyone – even the big guys out there - is talking about
  • How you can REALLY start to get people’s attention
  • How you can go from zero social proof to thousands of people eager to share your content
  • How you can start making simple connections with other bloggers and watch incredible things start to happen before your very eyes
  • How you can start getting the attention of influencers and authority bloggers

Max IveyWhen I decided to get serious about promoting my blog, I was fortunate enough to find Adrienne. I learned from her about the idea of building a community of followers who would support you and help you spread your message. 

I followed her teachings about meeting people through reading their blogs, leaving quality memorable comments and sharing their content on social media. This worked amazingly well for my original site where I help people sell amusement equipment. That market is very small, so many of the blogs I commented on were from different niches. 

Not surprisingly her methods worked even better for my new personal development blog. This is because there are far more bloggers to connect with in this field. Like her, I believe that marketing yourself and your site through building relationships is the most effective way to promote your website, blog, business, nonprofit organization, etc.  It may start slow, but eventually your community will grow and you will be amazed with the power you have together.

Maxwell “Max” Ivy
The Blind Blogger

I am going to share my story with you and walk you through EXACTLY what I did from the very beginning to get my blog to where it is today.

Yes, I will literally take you by the hand. If you know me at all you KNOW that I will do just that.  You will never feel alone again. If you don’t know me yet, let me amaze you!

I will show you how I was able to get in front of enough people to be entered into a contest that won me the coveted title of “Engagement Superstar.”

I will show you how I was able to make valuable connections with other bloggers who helped me grow my community.

I will show you how I was able to stand out from the crowd and become someone people noticed.

I will show you how I was able to build relationships with influencers in the blogging community and people I highly respect.

The 5 Whys That Led Me To Success

  • Why a blog community is so CRITICAL to your success
  • Why learning how to STAND OUT will put you ahead of others
  • Why learning how to help people will grow your OWN business
  • Why relationships matter and are VITAL for your growth
  • Why getting noticed is one of the most IMPORTANT gradual steps you want to take


Here is what you'll get if you purchase this course today.

  • 8 exciting lessons sharing my own story and EXACTLY what I did to build my incredible blog community
  • 6 step by step worksheets to help you with your own game plan
  • 10 simple and easy to understand downloadable lessons on PDF
  • 10 knockout downloadable audio lessons


Build Blog Community Course

Carol Amato

I met Adrienne Smith this year, and immediately clicked with her. She's a marketer with integrity, and I can (without a doubt) highly recommend her and her products. She’s honest, knowledgeable and a leader in her field, and someone to connect with and follow, in my opinion.

She had a consultation offer, so I set up an appointment with Adrienne, and appreciate her willingness to help me with content syndication. This really opened my eyes about a hidden gem that is now one of my top traffic sources. I’m very grateful for the help she gave because two heads are always better than one, and she’s an experienced professional who I respect a lot.

Adrienne shares her heart and knowledge without hesitation, so you can rest easy that you’re getting her very best when you take her up on her offer because she really cares about people. . .my kind of marketer. I did and am glad. Thank you, Adrienne.

Carol Amato

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I have wasted years of my life trying to figure this whole thing out on my own which is why I love helping people so much.  You don't have to do it on your own anymore!

Remember, I’ve been in your shoes and I know what you're feeling.  I can help you if you are eager to get to work because, as I'm sure you know, it will take some time, commitment and consistent action.



I'll see you on the inside. 

To your blogging success, 

Adrienne Smith  

P.S. If your blog has no traffic right now, it’s not your fault, it’s because you are not aware of the steps you need to take to grow your community. Let me give you my secret blueprint for making your blog a success and get the kind of traffic you deserve. 

P.P.S. Remember, this isn't your usual fluff course. This is my OWN proven result step by step course that I have created based on my own experience containing all the information you will ever need to build a successful blogging community. Join NOW and take your first steps towards blogging success!